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We have all heard the saying, “The only things certain are death and taxes.” I would suggest that there are two more things that, while not certain, are quite probable.

  1. We are convinced that we are objective.
  2. We are not.

I freely admit that I tend to be fairly conservative on political matters, and perhaps more moderate on religious issues.  Here’s my question to you. When you read that statement, did it cause you to tune me out, because obviously I had nothing of value to say? Did it make you more likely to read on, because you felt I was more in tune with your own thinking?

We cannot learn if we are unwilling to entertain alternate views. It is our responsibility to examine other ideas and to consider what value they may have. It would also be more productive if we present our views in a manner that would attract honest seekers who may disagree with them, challenging them, but respecting them as well.

I came across a comment on a blog today. Part of it read, “Discussing it [the Bible] with someone who believes exactly like you believe is like discussing important matters with a mirror.”  Remember, it’s easy to win an argument with a mirror.


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