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Experiencing CHRIST Cover

First of all, my apologies that some of you will get this more than once. It is being sent to several sites, so there is some repetition.

I have neglected both of my blogs recently. I did so primarily because I was finishing up a new book that is now out in paperback and electronically for the Kindle. Right now, I am trying to get the word out.

I am part of a religious tradition in which we celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly, and normally a lay person presides. To help people who may lack training, I have published a book that includes 52 devotionals for the Lord’s Supper. It also contains an introductory chapter designed to teach the elements that go into making an effective presentation. While the chapters can be read simply as devotionals, they are specifically meant for presenting to a church just before taking the Lord’s Supper. They might also be effectively used in a house church setting.

The electronic version for the Kindle also includes an interactive Table of Contents.

If you know of any individuals or churches that might benefit from such a book, I would appreciate your providing them with this information. The book is:

Experiencing CHRIST In Communion: 52 Devotionals for the Lord’s Supper

Below are links to my book.

Order paperback from the website ($7.95) — https://www.createspace.com/4210030

Order Paperback from Amazon ($7.95)— http://www.amazon.com/Experiencing-CHRIST-In-Communion-Devotionals/dp/0615790933/

Order Kindle from Amazon ($2.99) —  http://www.amazon.com/Experiencing-CHRIST-In-Communion-ebook/dp/B00C54BKXK/


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